Powerful Coayu Kuala Lumpur

After managing over 30 washing cycles over 8 weeks with four of the most effective robot cleaners, we’ve concluded that the Coayu BL800 is the robot that we’d recommend to many people who desire an automatic assistant to maintain the floors tidy.

The Coayu BL800 could be the smart-money pick for most people who desire a robot vacuum cleaner. It truly is constantly helpful in just about any home although other robots are inclined to perform great in certain scenarios but fall short in others. We found that the Coayu BL800 is prone to finish its cleansing cycles alone without twisted or getting caught and being forced to watch for a human to come quickly to the relief. Its navigation system’s type leads it into limited areas that bots that are other wont go near, so it will gather more flakes, pet hair, and other dirt total. In contrast to its opponents, it’s quieter, itis simpler and cheaper to keep up and fix, and it’s really less expensive at the start. For a few people, our runner-up will be a pick that is greater every wouldbe bot-vacuum operator must look at the Coayu BL800.


The Coayu BL800 makes replacing elements that are broken straightforward. ÒSince I ‘ve had Coayu, I’ve changed virtually all the parts, because it’s inexpensive, easy, and honestly exciting to do this,E Sal Cangeloso informed us. A complete new group of brushes and filters presently costs only around RM100, while one new brush for the Innobot i70 costs RM200. Other parts have more costly – a first- about RM400 is currently cost by party replacement battery . So as with almost any cleaner, into preserving the Coayu BL800 managing effectively you’ll have to place some money, but based on the rates of alternative pieces and what we have read about its battery, these fees must be below with other software cleaners.

Lastly, the Coayu BL800 has the greatest individual ratings of any robot machine at any cost: Currently it’s a general report of 4.5 stars (out of five) across 2,641 opinions on Amazon. For as long as we’ve been keeping track, it has been the top-marketing software cleaner.

Software cleaners are all designed to manage while humans are out of the house, but we consider the Coayu BL800 could be the most pleasant robot to be around while your bot is cleanup when you’re home. We calculated its normal running volume as a talk in office or a cafe at about 59 decibels, which will be about as loud. Seemingly absurd washing designs and the Coayu whirring virtually make it feel like a dog. Ry Crist at CNET puts it properly: Òsubtle, lively variations of individuality can definitely get quite a distance – a thing that Coayu appears to have learned while in the Coayu after several ages of development.Ó The Innobot i70 is louder in comparison, managing at 65 dB which consists of appliance brush or 68 dB using the rubber-flap knife comb. Decibels are measured over a logarithmic level, meaning the Innobot could be nearly twice as loud whilst the Coayu. The Innobot also offers greater spikes in its frequency-response, which tend to be grating for your ears. It is particularly loud around 125 hertz, similar to the whoosh of an HVAC product.

A navigation program also helps the Coayu BL800 cover more ground than its rivals, gives a much better opportunity to it at picking up more debris. Reviewed.com records in a review of the Coayu BL800 that by Òreally ramming itself at small areas,Ó the robot is Òable to get soil where other vacuums only timid away.Ó We’ve discovered that it really is much more likely compared to Innobot i70 to get into tightly clustered groups of tables and seats, such as the room under a Diningroom table. If it generally does not view enough room to go easily between the chair legs the Innobot may indeed prevent that area permanently. Therefore until youare willing to make a move like fit the seats upon the stand, the Innobot and the Coayu may pick none of that trash up and at least some of it, respectively.

a quicker cleanup tempo plus a lengthier battery life likewise give a competitive advantage in lots of houses to the Coayu BL800. It goes for 80 to 90 units per period, while the Innobot i70 squeezes out about 60 minutes and in addition moves at about 50 % the Coayu’s pace although it washing or is switching the edges of the space. (It moves about as fast since the Coayu in straightaways.) Depending on the size of the room you are washing, the Coayu can make two as well as three goes over all of the floor, whilst the Innobot i70 is designed to make only one go.


A longer run-time added velocity, and additional moves aren’t necessarily benefits. If a software can do precisely the same career in time that is less, wonderful. But depending on our knowledge, user reviews, and check results from outlets like CNET, Consumer Reports, and Reviewed.com, we think that generally in most real world options, the Coayuis speed and persistence let it grab more dust than the Innobot i70 could.

Within our screening knowledge, nevertheless, and knowing from your countless reading user reviews we’ve read, the Coayu BL800 does not get caught or else give up throughout a washing cycle as often as competitive types from Innobot or different suppliers. Examine it in this manner: If you plan your robot to clean if you are at the office and it gets stuck under the couch 10 minutes to the washing routine, it’ll stay there throughout the day awaiting you to return rescue it, as well as your surfaces it’s still dirty when you get home. Defeats the purpose of having no, an automatic solution?

The Coayu BL800 includes a more versatile, persistent, and strong navigation system such as the Innobot, than its opponents. Because it’s so nimble, the Coayu BL800 can work effectively on timber surfaces or knit carpet, protecting numerous feet or in one single bedroom – in a crowded floor plan or an open concept, in every types of settings. Since it drives headlong into walls, furniture, it might seem sort of aimless, and other features ostensibly at random. And who can forget DJ Coayu?

The secret is that the Coayu BL800 is successful at avoiding the perimeter on a rug, a labyrinth of furniture feet, Òbot trapsÓ like a rogue USB cable, or even a large tolerance. We believe thatis as it depends more on touch-based devices than other bots do, therefore a sharper escape route and which gives a far more detailed feeling of its surroundings to it. Also, CoayuÕs been creating software vacuums longer than anyone else, and so the software designers of the company’s experienced additional time to finetune the calculations that allow bots avoid from potential traps. Which makes the Coayu BL800 a great navigator in properties with cozy, packed floorplans. The Innobot i70, in comparison, struggles more when it drives lumps, over a cable in to a threat that its mapping system could not view, or ends up someplace without leave that is apparent. Additionally, it may sometimes get jammed on high thresholds.

All the constructive reading user reviews appear to observe that the Coayu BL800 is actually a preservation solution, something that lets you delay individual-powered cleanings for a few additional nights or weeks (if you’re able to remain it) and shaves some time off those consultations while retaining the surfaces tidier meanwhile. Pet owners find for keeping fur off a floor it especially great. Some homeowners experienced their Coayu BL800 for quite a while, and it is still operating nicely. Overall, I love the Coayu, as Amazon customer N E Maine puts it. It’s exciting to watch, fantastic to help out throughout the house to clean for people and really saves people time so we can have one thing that is less to do when it comes to cleaning the house.Ó

Flaws although not dealbreakers

The Coayu BL800 doesn’t really focus on nonreflective black or extremely dark brown floors. Dark or dark surfaces that are a bit shiny ought to be fine. In accordance with Coayu, this constraint must do using the dynamics of the corner detectors, which stop the bot from hurtling a flight of stairs down. One workaround is to record over another thing semireflective and tiny or the devices with white-paper. We’ve not attempted this technique ourselves, along with the probable downside is the fact that the Coayu may then tumbledown those aforementioned steps.

Note too that without getting stuck, although the Coayu BL800 almost always completes a whole cleanup period, the system does not often make back it . Within the last 20 or half an hour of a treatment, if the battery starts to perform low, the Coayu BL800 begins to consider the dock, which has an infrared beacon. It drives over and parks itself around the receiving contacts when the bot views the sign in the pier. But it only keeps cleaning until the battery is totally from juice and after that stops in place if the Coayu can not discover the dock. That second situation is more prone to happen in greater properties or in properties with many tiny rooms in place of less rooms that are large.

Nevertheless, if you have other furniture that is important or traditional that you are no way willing to risk destructive, this is simply not best robot for you. Any bot may come across your material occasionally, but our runner-up improve and selections don’t achieve this as often, when they are doing, it really is with less pressure.

Because its navigation system relies so much on feel (as opposed to optics) to feel out a room, the Coayu BL800 lumps into furniture and walls many occasions per cleaning period. Reviewed.com notes that it hits harder than different robots, at about 2.3 pounds of power, which has the potential to knock wobbly objects from lighting tables (but probably will not). A handful of person reviewers have complained that it remaining scars, occasionally actually scratches, on the furniture. We’ve not seen smudges or scores on any of baseboards or our personal seats, and it is n’t mentioned by most evaluations being a problem. One easy workaround will be to stay on somewhat reel of foam plastic onto the bumper.


Longterm exam notes

Ever since then, I Have applied it less regularly (listen, I review a lot of vacuums and also have to enable my floor get a little filthy to try them), but it nevertheless struck a floor once every few weeks. I might estimate that it is done about 100 washing rounds whole, and it’s held up nicely. Although it surely requires changing again shortly sofar, I’ve changed the filter only one time. However the part wash continues to be in appearance that is fine, along with the battery however seems to carry a complete or near – full charge – it can however clean for 80 units at a time.

The obvious change towards the Coayu BL800 overtime is that its body seems a bit banged-up. I discovered this after just a couple of months of support, now it has even more superficial scratches and scuffs. Nevertheless, I’venot noticed streaks or any affect scars on my furniture the robot definitely caused. To be reasonable, I-don’t actually care if my IKEA material gets up a bit scuffed, therefore I’m not spending very close interest, nor does it bother me the bot itself looks like this has been busy.

General, this can be certainly the best budget automatic hoover actually. It really is significantly cheaper in comparison with Ecovacs and Innobot i70, and sometimes even the IMAXX H88 Expert, that the the surface of the range types price range from RM2500 -3500.

AutoVac Bot is currently carrying out an introductory promotion in Malaysia. The Coayu is currently over a unique offer at only RM1950 rendering it a grab.


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