Breakthrough Technology for Coayu Robot Vacuum Sunway Putra Mall

Being a Geek Mom does not mean that I’m a mama that is clean – definitely not as clean as I should be. I have these off days where I worry perhaps a passerby or the mailman will see . It really is challenging enough to pick up the Lego, the filthy garments and the football cards; I am expected to /or cleaner each day and sweep as well?

Not when I possess the Coayu BL800 Cleaner Cleaning Robot below to aid. This is so much better than IMAXX i780 I would say, and it is the identical copy of IMAXX top range model H-88 Pro, but much lower in price!


The Coayu BL800 could be the newest in Coayu navy of robotic helpers. Made with frustrating dust and soil for those, 5 kinds cleaning a fresh brush style, program are packed in Coayu BL800Õ by the Coayu BL800, also it mops too!

There were loads of times when I desired to yell, No, come over here!Nevertheless, the Coayu BL800 includes an approach to its mayhem. It will ultimately get to lots of crannies and your spaces in case you only allow thing move. It were able to clean my audio around / movie sheet and also the fireplace using its comb that was tiny scraping out these hard-to- reach locations. It’s a job that always needs taking apart my Dyson and applying accessories that are many.

The organization claims to cost the system up overnight. That did not than me, for a total of 36 hours. All things considered, my filth wasn’t going everywhere and I wanted this matter to be ready to work! It is also encouraged which you retain the Coayu BL800 when not used, charging. That may seem like advisable anyhow; you never understand when messes will appear.

You can find two options as far as charging. The Coayu BL800 has a tiny home base that it loves to nestle into, which connects into the wall with a detachable cord. You can also cut the intermediary out and select the Coayu BL800 directly using the same cable. The position of the Clear key on top of the system enables you to learn if the Coayu BL800 is (practically) able to spin. You’re all set, whenever you see strong green.

The Coayu BL800 also offers options for washing times and rounds, so that it can clear on its own, when you arenot around to monitor. Periodically, the Coayu BL800 will get trapped on some blinds, a piece of furniture, or in my scenario. If you’re planning to utilize this choice, it’s important to really have the ground clear of mess. Usually, it’s hugely valuable and even easier to system. Every one of Coayu BL800is different settings and the clock can be found right-on the surface of the system. Programming this matter must be very simple, once you learn how-to set a digital time.

That Coayu BL800 has better airflow, and dual layer filters and that means you won’t need to clear it out much. Hooray for extra loafing time! Additional functions carries a Lithium Ion Battery, Touchpad LCD Panel, and Ultra-High Power 1200 Pennsylvania China Nidec suction generator (utilized in iRobot and Neato Robotics), and of course, the alternatives to schedule the software to perform on certain moment.


The Coayu BL800 features a ridiculous cleaning period. It is likened by me to presenting my 6-year old do the cleaning. He’s here, heis there, and heis type of loud about the whole matter. However, Coayu BL800 is far more comprehensive. This system has many minor brushes to aid get up the particles, your pet hair as well as the crud that become part of your daily routine.

I was lucky enough for the Coayu BL800 for a critique, and son was I excited – and kind of lazy. In expectation of having this small dude (my daughter called it Hero) come for a visit, we didn’t vacuum our livingroom for approximately per week. In other words, it was a normal week. With my partner and I, your dog, along with a 6-yearold all making messes on a daily basis, He was going to possess a difficult strip to hoe – or at least cleaner.

Before I overlook, the Coayu BL800 does although it vacuums, mopping also. This can be a key deal-breaker as most of the robotic vacuums on the market for me, be it iRobot or Neato Robotics, they cannot possess a cleaning purpose constructed into the software itself. The iRobot features a separate specific cleaning software which will be the Braava, which doesn’t do vacuuming around the hand. The Coayu BL800 covers my problems both with an individual purchase.

Within the field, the Coayu BL800 comes with a extra filter (which they advise you replace every 2 weeks), somewhat pick to aid clean the cleaner’s brushes (as-needed), the Vehicle Online Wall unit, and asking options that I Will look into in one minute.

The Coayu BL800, nevertheless, does not always work. Within the field, you will discover only a little piece that appears nearly the same as a flask. That’s not reassuring one to drink; it is the Auto Digital Wall unit. The Virtual Wall will generate an unseen hurdle the Coayu BL800 won’t mix, while fired up. Do not wish canine to be bothered by the Coayu BL800? Make use of the Virtual Wall. Have plants that you just don’t need the Coayu BL800 bumping into? Utilize the Virtual Wall. Will be the Coayu BL800 managing nearby the the stairs’ top? Please, utilize the Digital Wall!

To make use of the Online Wall, you may need to place some of these C batteries from your child’s games. It requires two of them. Likewise, you have to turn the Online Wall on at the Coayu BL800’s cycle’s beginning.

Frankly, I simply wished to get cleanup. So I plopped the Coayu BL800 in the floor, forced on the Clear button’s middle, and down He went.


. Because its dimension, there are places where its particular brushes and the Coayu BL800 only will not attain of. Nevertheless, support is always appreciated. My couple of days with the system were probably the cleanest my-home has been doing a while. Also my partner claimed he was at how well our ground cleaned stunned. The collection-it-and-forget-it operation makes it simple to vacuum locations that are larger on the daily schedule. After all, if you can not be troubled to impose these devices and drive one-button, no level of robotic maids can help you.

Will be the Coayu BL800 essential? Well, yes. At RM1950, he’s very very inexpensive, cheap actually. I will certainly recommend this to friends and my family. Here is the best investment they will actually produce. It’s a great deal more economical compared to choosing a full period domestic assistant!


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