Rapid Coayu Robot Vacuum Damansara Utama

Being a Geek Mom does not mean that I’m a mother that is clean – most certainly not as clean as I ought to be. I’ve those off-days where I fear the mailman or even a passerby will see . It is hard enough to pick up the dirty clothes, the Lego and the baseball cards; I’m likely to /or machine everyday and brush as well?


Not after I have the Coayu BL800 Vacuum Cleaning Software below to help. This is better than IMAXX i780 I would say, and it is the exact copy of IMAXX top range model H-88 Pro, but way cheaper!

Before I overlook, the Coayu BL800 does while it vacuums, mopping as well. This is a major dealbreaker since many of the robotic vacuums in the market for me personally, be it iRobot or Neato Robotics, they do not have a mopping function built into the software itself. The iRobot includes a separate dedicated scrubbing robot which will be the Braava, which does not do cleaning about the hand. The Coayu BL800 covers both of my problems with one purchase.

The business says to cost the machine up overnight. Used to do a bit longer for a whole of 36 hours. All things considered, my dirt was not going anywhere and that I needed this factor to be prepared to function! Additionally it is advised that you preserve the Coayu BL800 when not in use, charging. That seems like recommended anyway; you never know when messes will be.


The Coayu BL800 gets around, but probably will not replace your typical vacuum. Because of its measurement, there are areas where the Coayu BL800 and its brushes just wont reach. That said, aid is definitely loved. Our couple of days using the product were probably the cleanest my home has been around a little while. Even my husband said he was at how effectively our floor washed stunned. The set-it-and-overlook-it procedure makes it simple to machine regions that are greater over a daily basis. In the end, if you can not be frustrated to impose the device and drive one button, no number of robotic maids will allow you to.

The Coayu BL800 also provides alternatives for cleaning schedules and cycles, therefore if you arenot about to supervise, it could clear alone. Sometimes, the Coayu BL800 will get found a piece of furniture, on some blinds, or in my own case. It’s important to have the ground free from litter if you are likely to utilize this choice. Normally, it’s hugely beneficial and even easier to software. Every one of the other adjustments of Coayu BL800 and the clock can be found directly on top of the unit. Programming this factor should really be very simple, if you know just how to set a digital clock.

Within the container, the Coayu BL800 comes with an extra filter (that they advise you exchange every 2 weeks), a little pick to aid clear the machineis brushes (asneeded), the Automobile Electronic Wall system, and getting alternatives that I’ll explore in a moment.


The Coayu BL800 features a crazy washing period. It is likened by me to having my 6-year-old do the vacuuming. He’s here, he’s there, and he’s type of noisy in regards to the whole point. However, Coayu BL800 is a lot more detailed. This gadget has several tiny brushes to aid get-up the flakes, the hair, the dirt and the substance that become a part of your everyday program.

I had been fortunate enough to receive the Coayu BL800 for a critique, and son was I enthusiastic – and type of sluggish. In expectation of getting this tiny guy (my kid named it Idol) come to get a visit, we did not vacuum our family area for about a week. Put simply, it was a week that is normal. With my man and that I, a dog, along with a 6-year old all creating messes on a daily schedule, He went to have a row that was hard to hoe – or at least vacuum.

That Coayu BL800 has better ventilation, which means you won’t have to clean it out and dual layer filters. Hooray for additional loafing time! Other functions carries a Lithium Ion Battery, Touchpad LCD Screen, and Ultra High Power 1200 Missouri China Nidec suction engine (utilized in iRobot and Neato Robotics), not to mention, the selections to schedule the software to operate on certain moment.

The Coayu BL800 will be the latest in Coayu BL800Õs prolonged fleet of robotic helpers. Made for those of you with overwhelming dust and soil, 5 kinds washing method, a fresh brush design are packed in Coayu BL800Õ by the Coayu BL800, plus it mops also!


Honestly, I recently wished to get washing. And so I plopped the Coayu BL800 in the ground, pushed on the Clear button’s middle, and off He went.

There have been plenty of occasions when I wanted to yell, No, come over here!Nonetheless, the Coayu BL800 features an approach to its madness. If you just allow matter move, it’ll eventually arrive at many of your spaces. It managed to clear my audio around / the fireplace having its comb that was teeny as well as video sheet scraping these out difficult-to- . It is a job that always involves taking aside my Dyson and utilizing several attachments.

You will find two options, in terms of receiving. The Coayu BL800 features a minor homebase that it loves to nestle into, which attaches into the wall via a removable cord. You connect the Coayu BL800 directly utilizing the same cable and can even cut out the intermediary. The status of the Clear button together with the system allow you to know whether the Coayu BL800 is (basically) willing to spin. Whenever you notice green that is stable, you are all set.

The Coayu BL800, nevertheless, does not always work. Inside the package, you will find a bit bit that seems nearly the same as a flask. That is not encouraging one to drink; it’s the Auto Digital Wall device. The Virtual Wall will generate an invisible hurdle that the Coayu BL800 will not mix when turned-on. Don’t need the Coayu BL800 to bother canine? Utilize the Virtual Wall. Have flowers that you do not want the Coayu BL800 bumping into? Use the Virtual Wall. May be the Coayu BL800 currently managing nearby the top of the steps? Please, utilize the Digital Wall!

You may need to take some of these H batteries from your child’s games, touse the Virtual Wall. It requires two of these. Additionally, you’ve to show the Virtual Wall on in the beginning of the period of the Coayu BL800.

Could be the Coayu BL800 essential? Well, yes. At RM1950, he is very very affordable, cheap actually. I will certainly recommend this to my children, relatives and friends. Here is the best investment they’ll actually create. It’s far more cost effective compared to selecting a complete time domestic tool!


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